Plans in place to cope with a crisis

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BOATS and tractors are some of the items being sought by three councils working on their disaster plans.

Deeping St James Parish Council, Market Deeping Town Council and Deeping Gate Parish Council are putting together an emergency plan ready for disasters such as floods.

The councils have been asked to put together a list of contacts by Lincolnshire County Council and The Environment Agency.

The plan is aimed to identify people living in the community who would be able to provide practical help in an emergency but also those who are vulnerable and would need help.

Councillors have put out an appeal for boats, trailers, 4x4s and minibuses.

They are also looking for people with medical knowledge or access to large halls, along with sleeping bags and other equipment.

Deeping St James Parish Council clerk Steve Ashby is working on the list and is appealing for people to come forward.

He said: “It is an insurance policy. We have got to have it in place and hopefully we will never need it.

“The county council and Environment Agency has asked all town and parish councils to think about an emergency plan so that if something untoward did happen it is in place.”

The plans would also help the emergency services during a crisis.

Emergency planning officer Laura Edlington has been giving presentations to councils across the area on these plans.

She said that more emphasis is being placed on compiling these plans due to the Government’s Big Society initiative.

She said that it is important for communities to plan what would happen in an emergency.

Miss Edlington said: “If something untoward happens, communities are more likely to be able to respond and recover better if they are better prepared.

“Anyone who wants more guidance on producing a plan should contact us.

“We can give them template plans to work on.”

A copy of the plan will be held by the county council and the parish council to be activated in an emergency.

Contact Miss Edlington at Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue headquaters, South Park, Avenue, Lincoln, or call her on 01522 582272.