Plans to build skatepark on the Abbey Lawn in Bourne are unveiled

The proposed location for the skatepark on the Abbey Lawn in Bourne
The proposed location for the skatepark on the Abbey Lawn in Bourne
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A COMMITTEE is hoping to raise more than £100,000 after plans to build a skatepark on the Abbey Lawn in Bourne were unveiled.

The Dimension Skatepark Committee unveiled its new proposals to build the concrete skatepark on the Abbey Lawn at a Bourne Town Council meeting on Tuesday. It is expected to cost between £115,000 and £170,000.

Bourne United Charities, which owns the Abbey Lawn, has agreed to give the committee a 42 x 32 metre plot of land behind the football goals.

Chairman of Dimension Skatepark Committee Zac Pinchin, who is 18 and a pupil at Bourne Academy, got involved with the committee in January because he is keen to see the plans come to fruition.

BMX rider Zac said: “It’s the one thing that Bourne really requires. We have tennis courts and football pitches but there should be something for people who do extreme sports in the town.

“If there was a place in Bourne to go it would be great help and it would keep skaters and bikers out of the car parks and out of people’s way because they have nowhere to go at the moment.

“It’s moving almost too quickly to keep up with but it is great that everyone is so enthusiastic about it.”

Zac led a presentation to Bourne Town Council asking them to consider taking on responsibility for the lease, repair and insurance of the skatepark, once it is built.

The town council’s finance committee is due to consider the request at a meeting on May 1 and will make a recommendation for the full council to consider on May 22.

Once the committee has assurances from Bourne Town Council, it can submit its plans to South Kesteven District Council.

The committee, which has been trying to build a skatepark in Bourne for many years, axed its plans in 2010 after struggling to find a suitable piece of land. It handed back most of the £15,798 it had raised and currently only has about £3,000 for the kitty. The committee intends to approach the National Lottery, Lincolnshire County Council, Waste Recycling Environmental group, Len Pick Trust and the Bourne United Charities, for help with the funding.

The committee is working with former BMX competition rider Paul Josh, who lives in Bourne, to put together proposals for the concrete skatepark. Paul has approached seven skatepark builders with the design.

The committee is also planning to go door-to-door to consult with neighbouring residents.

Committee member Nelly Jacobs, who is also the town council clerk, revealed in November that she had a promising offer of some land but appealed through The Local for new committee members to inject some new blood into the proposals.

The committee currently has 25 members, of which 20 came forward after the appeal.

Mrs Jacobs said: “The key to success will be getting the council on board. Without them volunteers will struggle to deal with the managing its upkeep and all that entails.

“If the brunt of it is taken over by the council it should be successful.”

Vice-chairman of the Bourne United Charities trustees Dr Carl Pears said: “We are always very supportive of the young in Bourne, we have put up the football goals on Abbey Lawn Park which has been very popular.

“It is currently a piece of grass that isn’t being used for anything and we are trying to develop the area for all the people in Bourne.

“Things are positive, we have given some land and they have got a very keen committee together of all ages.”

Dr Pears said the police were supportive of the plans, partly because the site is currently locked at night allowing a curfew to be imposed on the site.

Dr Pears added: “We want to be open, considerate and supportive of our neighbours.

“But the committee are also being considerate, they are looking to use slightly more expensive material that will be quieter.”