Plans to make 2012 a year to remember in Oakham

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PEOPLE are being urged to get involved in celebrations for the Queen’s jubilee next year.

Oakham Town Council has set aside £5,000 for a celebration in Cutts Close, Oakham, on June 5 and is appealing for groups, businesses and organisations to support it.

There will be music, food and entertainments at the event, which the council is hoping will attract everyone in the town.

To mark the special year the council is also hoping to revamp play areas on Royce playing field, Cutts Close and Grampian Way. Royce is the first on the list to be reviewed.

Coun John Nowell, of Beech Road, Oakham, said of the jubilee plans: “That weekend is going to be a four-day bank holiday and the roads are going to be very busy.

“We want to make sure people stay in the town for the celebration.I personally want to go to an event that I can walk to from my home.”

Music will be provided by Wrinkle Rock who played in Cutts Close this summer to a huge crowd. Food will be provided by the Lions Club of Rutland.

Deputy mayor Charles Haworth, of Barleythorpe Road, Oakham, said it would be a memorable afternoon with something for people of all ages to enjoy and celebrate the jubilee.

“Primary school children will be involved and we hope to give the town a day that people will remember and treasure,” he said.

“The council is keen to hear from any organisations that would like to sponsor or get involved in the event.”

A new parks and planning committee has been set up to concentrate on revamping open spaces in the town. At a meeting on Wednesday the council decided it would look into new equipment and a safer play environment at the Royce playing field.

The field is already split into an area for children to play and an area for teenagers.

About 18 months ago a “nest” swing for up to four people was put up under an arch in the field, but councillors are now considering taking it down because

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it has been broken twice by people putting too much weight on it.

Instead they plan to spend money on new low-play equipment for children.

They also agreed to get quotes for a new design for the toddler’s play area which will be incorporated into next year’s budget.

Coun Nowell said: “Our focus is on the children’s playarea. One third of the cost could potentially be spent on a new soft surface so that if a child falls it won’t injure itself.

“We are also thinking about building a multi-use games area for older children but that will be another project.

“We are all very excited about our plans for next year.”

Anyone interested in being involved in the jubilee celebrations can contact the council on 01572 723627.