Pole dancing fitness for all

The Arc Aerial Fitness pole dancing fitness class. By Lee Hellwing
The Arc Aerial Fitness pole dancing fitness class. By Lee Hellwing
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A new pole dancing fitness class in Stamford is putting a call out for members.

ARC Aerial Fitness runs evening sessions at Westside Health and Fitness Club and it is one of the many pole dancing fitness clubs which have appeared in the UK over the past few years.

Rebecca Sale, an instructor of the class, said she wants to break the stigma surrounding pole dancing and let people know that the group is open to all ages and fitness levels - even men.

She said: “Come and have a go, you don’t know if you will like it until you try it.

“I have even had a grandma. People start it as 40-year-olds.”

She explained those who feel body conscious are made to feel welcome when they attend classes.

She said: “In the first few sessions everyone wears leggings and we have low lighting. In time they will need to lose the leggings though because we do have to have skin to stick to the pole.”

Those that attend the learn moves such as pole spins and floor exercises.

Classes start with a warm-up and they then move onto pole exercises. They are on Mondays and Thursdays between 8.15pm and 9.45pm.

Last month pole dancing was provisionally recognised as a sport by the Global Association of International Sports Federation.

As a result, supporters of it are campaigning for it to become an Olympic sport.

For more on the class call 07891450266 or visit www.facebook.com and search for ARC Aerial Fitness.