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Cash machine scam in Stamford leads to thefts from bank accounts

Two cases of bank card fraud are being linked in what's thought to be a 'skimming scam'.

In one case a person reported three bank cards stolen from their purse in Stamford. Their PIN was used with the cards, but they were adamant that they had never disclosed their number to anyone.

In the second incident, the victim still had their bank card - it is thought that a clone of that card was made and used with their PIN to make purchases totalling more than £2,500.

Stamford police inspector Ian Martin said the crimes were likely to be linked because they are relatively rare in Stamford.

He added that they were likely to have resulted from skimming devices placed on ATM cash machines - although establishing which ATM had been targeted and when would be difficult.

"My warning to people is two-fold," he said.

"Everyone needs to be vigilant when using cash machines and if they spot something suspicious about it, they need to report their concern by phoning police on 101.

"The other thing is to make sure to keep bank cards safe, especially when out and about, and if people have concerns about activity on their account, in the first instance they should contact their bank."

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