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Suspicious sighting near Malcolm Sargent Primary School in Stamford

Parents have been reassured that they should have no further fears after a 'suspicious man' was reported to them.

Staff at Malcolm Sargent Primary School suspected that a man seen near the school fence was taking pictures on a mobile phone.

They sent out a message to warn parents to be aware.

Inspector Rachel Blackwell
Inspector Rachel Blackwell

Police traced the moped rider back to his home, who admitted using his phone near the school on Wednesday October 30, but denied taking photos.

He was given advice about his behaviour close to school premises.

Inspector Rachel Blackwell said: "We are reassured that while he was in close proximity to the school fence and using his phone, he didn't realise the alarm caused by his actions.

"We want to re-assure parents that they should have no further concerns about this action."

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