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Police precept in Lincolnshire, Rutland, East Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire looks set to be £10 on a band D property's council tax

People living in band D properties will pay about £10 a year for policing.

While the £9.99 sum marks an increase in the amount Lincolnshire Police will levy from people in the county, funding remains the lowest per head in the country.

People living in band D properties in Rutland, East Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire look set to pay £10 per household - the top rate that police forces were allowed to ask for.

Police commissioner Marc Jones
Police commissioner Marc Jones

Lincolnshire’s police and crime commissioner, Marc Jones, plans a total spend of £128m. However, expenditure is expected to rise to £138.6 million by 2023/24.

The proposals take into mind a Government grant increased by £4.4 million, a pension top-up grant of £1.2 million and funding towards 50 police officers it otherwise wouldn’t have.

In total, the force will receive £72.4 million in Government grants and £56.6 million from local sources including council tax. However, the core grant of £67.1 million remains frozen.

Despite recognising ongoing challenges, Mr Jones said: “We’re in a much better position than we thought we would be a year ago.

“We thought we were facing £7.5m in service reductions, where we would lose potentially around 80 officers.

“So, this 50 has boosted that and because we’ve done a good job of managing the budget over recent years, the chief and I believe that we can hold the line at around that 1,100 figure.”

Mr Jones said he was pleased with the results of a public consultation which saw 80 per cent of the 3,302 responses support a rise of at least five per cent.

Per head of population, Lincolnshire gets £159, whereas the average across England and Wales per head is £203.

Rutland and Leicestershire's police and crime commissioner, Lord Willy Bach said people wanted to see more proactive policing in their communities.

"People want community-based policing, providing solutions to the problems that they face in their neighbourhoods.They want to know their neighbourhood officers," he said. "And that is what they are going to get."

The net budget requirement for 2020-21 is £199.863m, which necessitates a council tax (precept) requirement of £76.829m for the year.

In his budget the commissioner has complied with the Government's expectation that police and crime commissioners will raise the additional funding necessary to balance the budget via the locally paid council tax.

Lord Bach said: "Leicestershire police lost 550 officers as a result of the funding cuts.In 2006 we had one officer per 430 residents.

"Today, with the cuts and significant growth in population, we currently have one officer per 600-plus residents and we also tackle an increasingly complex set of challenges, risks and threats.

"The financial conundrum has not been solved yet!"

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