Police warn of new Barclays phone scam

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Lincs police are advising residents to be aware of a fraudulent phone call circulating in the county.

A phone call is received by a person purporting to be from ‘Barclays Bank Fraud Dept’ regarding a suspicious payment that has been made on your account.

On this occasion, the text number used to verify information is a copycat Barclay’s number.

Personal security questions will also be asked, such as mother’s maiden name was used and bank account details.

Do not give any information over the telephone and ensure that your phone line has been cleared before you ring your bank to check the authenticity of any contact from your bank. Alternatively, use another phone.

Keep an eye on your bank account for small payments being deducted, which could be the first indication that your bank account has been targeted.

Barclays Bank (or any other bank) will NEVER request personal information from you or ask to verify details unless YOU have phoned them first.