Bourne Town Council will not manage Abbey Lawn skatepark

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A SKATEPARK planned for Bourne will not be run by the town council but members will support the project.

The council’s involvement with the plans for the development on the Abbey Lawn were discussed at a meeting last week.

Members of the Dimension Park committee, who are campaigning for the skatepark, had passed a document to councillors, outlining what they would like the council to do.

The committee wanted the council to take on the lease for the park, take responsibility for the maintenance of the site and provide liability insurance.

Councillors agreed they would back the plans and help the committee but not take on the full responsibility of the project or take on the lease.

Mayor Helen Powell said: “We really want to take the plans forward and advise the skatepark committee but we are not going to take on the responsibility of the project.

“To run the skatepark would be a complex thing and I don’t think anyone will have the time to do this.

“But we want to support it because it is something the children of Bourne need and deserve.”

Committee chairman Zak Pinchin, 18, said: “We’re very happy that the council will support us but we’re a bit disappointed it’s not going to take over the lease. We can understand the reasons why and that it would be unfair to other clubs who use the Abbey Lawn

“We’ll have to take a slightly different direction now but I’m sure it will be sorted out soon.

“Now we just need to meet with the designers to come up with more specific plans and raise the money we need.”

The skatepark is expected to cost between £115,000 and £170,000.

Bourne United Charities, which owns the Abbey Lawn, has agreed to give the committee a 46yd x 35yd plot of land behind the football goals.

While the council has fully supported the plans, the proposed site for the skatepark has been opposed by Bourne Town Football Club which has launched a petition. Some neighbouring residents are also against the plans.