Campaigners upset by parking scheme fees in Stamford

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The district council has launched a scheme to offer town centre residents in Stamford reduced price parking.

But people are furious over the difference between prices in different car parks across the area.

The offer will be available while South Kesteven District Council prepares residents parking zones for the town centre, which will enable locals to pay for a permit for their street.

The council cannot say when this scheme will be ready, and in the meantime wardens acting on behalf of Lincolnshire County Council will start issuing parking fines from Monday, December 3.

Under the interim, cut price scheme the council is offering three-month and six-month season tickets at a reduced cost to people living in the town centre.

This covers as far north as Alexandra Road, as far east as Priory Road, as far south as High Street St Martin’s and as far west as Queen’s Walk, as well as the streets in between.

A season ticket for the long stay Cattle Market car park for six months will cost £25.

In the Wharf Road car park, Monday to Friday tickets will cost £126 for six months or £64 for a quarter and Monday to Saturday tickets will be £153 for six months or £76.50 per quarter.

The cost for Monday to Saturday tickets in the short stay car parks, which are North Street, Scotgate, St Leonard’s Street, and Bath Row, is £65 for six months. These tickets are only eligible for use between 4pm and 10am.

There will be a maximum of 150 season tickets available in the Cattle Market car park, 100 at Wharf Road and 100 between the four short stay sites.

They will all be issued on a first come, first served basis.

District council leader Linda Neal (Con) said: “The prices acknowledge the economic climate, giving residents an option to park their vehicles at an affordable cost of £25.

“The £25 is a nominal contribution towards administration whilst we achieve a balance between residents’ and shoppers’ parking needs and support all users of the town centre.”

But residents have reacted in fury to the difference in price between the car parks.

Richard Cleaver has been leading calls for a permit scheme to be set up in St Leonard’s Street, Stamford.

He said: “When we had meetings with the district council we were led to believe the same deal would be available in all the car parks and there would not be a restricted number of tickets.

“Anyone not within walking distance of the Cattle Market car park faces paying three times the price and anyone who doesn’t know about this probably won’t get a ticket because the phone lines are buzzing.”

Steve Marsh, of Br0ad Street, Stamford, said: “It feels like a revenue generating exercise, as cars are being driven off the streets and into the car parks – the council could have made it much cheaper for residents.”

The permits are available to buy from the district council office in Maiden Lane, Stamford, from Monday but can be reserved by calling 01476 406404 or e-mailing

Residents applying for a season ticket will need to produce a vehicle registration document with the registered keeper’s address displaying an address inside the scheme boundary and a utility bill for the same residence.