Candidates revealed for Market Deeping elections

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The election for the three seats representing Market and West Deeping ward at South Kesteven District Council will be held later this month.

The election was countermanded for May 7 following the sad death of Reg Howard, who had already registered to stand again for both the district council seat and the town council seat.

The countermanded election will now be held on Thursday, June 25, when voters in the Deepings will go to the polls.

The candidates for the Market and West Deeping seat on the district council are:

Ashley Baxter (Ind).

Adam Brookes (Lib Dem).

Bob Broughton (Ind).

William Learoyd (UKIP).

Nick Neilson (Con).

Robert O’Farrell (UKIP).

David Shelton (Ind).

Roger Woodbridge (UKIP).

The polling stations will be The Green School in Market Deeping, Deeping Community Centre, and The Red Lion in West Deeping, between 7am and 10pm.

The candidates standing for Market Deeping town council are:

Roy Bell (Ind).

Adam Brookes (Lib Dem).

Bob Broughton (Ind).

Xan Collins (Ind).

Simon Fraylich (Ind).

Colin Gamble (Ind).

Paul Hanson (Putting Deeping First).

Wayne Lester (Ind).

Nick Neilson (Con).

Robert O’Farrell (UKIP).

Pauline Redshaw (Ind).

Jayne Reed (Ind)

David Shelton (Ind)

Jean Sked (Ind)

Roy Stephenson (Lab).

Of the 15 candidates, 13 will be elected.