Chance to get involved in plan

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Residents of Oakham and Barleythorpe have recently received a hand delivered Neighbourhood Plan information pack.

Among other information this had publicity about our next event which will be held at Tesco’s Store on Saturday between 9am and 3pm.

This is another opportunity for everyone who lives or works within Oakham and Barleythorpe to become involved in creating the first Neighbourhood Plan, which will inform decisions made about the future of the community.

New development is at the heart of the plan. This includes where and what type of housing will be built and where commercial and industrial units might be developed.

Once it has been agreed, future planning decisions will be guided by this plan so it’s important to make your voice heard.

On Saturday, there will be a chance to find out more about how you can influence and become involved in the shaping of future developments in Oakham and Barleythorpe.

Information will also be provided on the areas that the plan cannot influence.

Find out more at or e-mail