Council hopes to make life safer in Bourne

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Bourne Town Council is working on two schemes to make life safer for residents by reducing speeding and preventing crime.

Councillors have agreed to buy a mobile speed monitoring sign to warn drivers when they are breaking limits in the town.

And a working group is also looking at the possibility of extending the town’s CCTV coverage to include newer areas such as Elsea Park and Gateway Park, which includes the new McDonald’s and the Sugar Mill.

A decision to spend £2,600 on the speed sign was made by the council’s finance and general purposes committee on Tuesday.

The sign should be ready to use within the next six weeks. The council hopes to place it in various points around the town where speeding is thought to be an issue. Evidence will be collected and the police will be asked to enforce any problem areas.

Chairman of the council’s highways and planning committee David Mapp said: “The sign has a display that shows the speeds that the passing motorists are doing. It will be moved to problem areas.

“There has been a small increase in speeds around the town. Not surprisingly it’s along the main arterial routes into the town.

“If we can bring it to people’s attention by using some kind of sign at least people are aware of it, when perhaps they were not thinking what speed they were actually doing.”

The plan to extend CCTV coverage is a longer-term scheme. A group of councillors recently visited the CCTV control centre in Grantham to see how the system works there, and are now investigating what can be done in Bourne.

Coun Mapp said the group had been impressed with what they saw. He added: “We thought it would be worth investigating the cost and logistics of extending the coverage in Bourne.

“Residents have come to us with concerns.”

The aim of the CCTV would be to detect and eventually prevent problems like anti-social behaviour and theft, particularly in newer areas where coverage has not caught up to the growth of the town.

Councillors will continue to investigate the possibility of expanding CCTV coverage and will report back to meetings regularly.