County dismay at government decision on sausage status

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The chairman of a sausage association says she is upset an appeal to give the banger protected status has been refused.

The Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs turned down the appeal by the Lincolnshire Sausage Association to grant the sausage protected geographical indication.

This status would have meant that only sausages made in the county and to a certain recipe could be sold under the title of ‘Lincolnshire Sausages’.

Janet Godfrey, who is chairman of the association, said: “To say we are disappointed by the decision is an understatement.

“We are all very upset because we don’t think Defra has given the application proper consideration.

“The only other route we have now is go through a judicial review but that is prohibitively expensive so it is something we will have to carefully look at and consider when we next meet.”

Mrs Godfrey said the association had provided evidence which showed that 40 per cent of Lincolnshire sausages were made in the county.

But she said Defra had ignored this evidence and said that 95 per cent of sausages were made outside of the county.

She also said that Defra had denied there was a “distinctive recipe” but Mrs Godfrey argued it was because the recipe was being widely reproduced outside of the county.

Mrs Godfrey said: “We do stick to one recipe inside this county.”

The Mercury backed the association’s appeal and sent dozens of coupons signed by readers. Mrs Godfrey said the support by sausage lovers had been “fantastic and overwhelming”.

In rejecting the appeal, the Minister of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs David Heath said: “We remain open to looking at other options which would allow producers in Lincolnshire to highlight the traditional and local nature of their sausages.”