Crime fears in Exton and parking worries in Oakham

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TWO petitions are set to be presented to Rutland County Council from worried residents.

People living in Exton want the council to provide CCTV cameras in the village to combat crime and intend to start a petition.

And people living in Barleythorpe Road in Oakham, have started a petition calling for a field, owned by Tresham College, to be taken off the market.

Over the last two months in Exton, cars have been scratched, tyres deliberately punctured, a letter box set on fire, chemicals poured over an elderly couple’s vehicle and milk bottles stolen from doorsteps.

Police have stepped up patrols in the village in a bid to put an end to it but residents say the crime, which mostly takes place at night, has continued.

Mike Laughton, of Harrington Crescent, Exton, said: “We all believe that CCTV cameras would act as a deterrent, as well as providing evidence as to who is committing this crime.

“The people committing these offences are mindless and evil.”

The council said it was working with the police and housing association Spire Homes to address the problem.

The field in Barleythorpe Road, Oakham, is being jointly marketed with The Parks School, which closes today and will reopen in its new home at Oakham CE Primary School in Burley Road in September.

People living in the street have been parking at The Parks School outside of opening hours for the last three years and have started a petition asking for alternative parking on the field. It already has more than 150 signatures.

John Learoyd, 44, of Barleythorpe Road, will present the petition to the council in August.

He said: “The petition is clearly demonstrating that the public are very angry about this.”

A council spokesman said there had been a lot of interest in the site for sale and the council and Tresham were considering the offers. The land is still on the market but is not being advertised at the moment.

The spokesman said as part of the sale, it was asking developers to make it possible for residents to access the back of their properties.