Dowsby Village Hall loses bid for alcohol and entertainment licence following oppostion from neighbours

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A VILLAGE hall is facing an uncertain future after it was refused a licence to serve alcohol and host entertainments.

People living in Dowsby had objected to the licence application, saying a bikers’ club which meets there has been causing a nuisance.

Councillors on South Kesteven District Council’s alcohol and entertainment licensing committee turned down the application on Tuesday.

Village hall committee chairman David Brindley said: “I am extremely disappointed in the decision, which will make the job of maintaining and using the hall so much more difficult in future.”

Villagers had said members of the bikers’ club, which meets at the hall every week, are responsible for noise in the early hours of the morning, causing parking problems and using unacceptable language.

The club has denied all the accusations and the village hall committee said it has never had a complaint about the club.

A report to the committee said 11 objections had been made.

The objectors claimed the bikers had caused an increase in noise in the early hours of the morning, and left vomit and broken glass in the grounds. They also complained about increased parking problems and foul language within earshot of children.

Alan Towning is a member of the Eagles Motorcycle Club which has members from all over Lincolnshire.

Mr Towning, of The Hurn, Billingborough, who is also a former chairman of the club, attended the meeting this week.

He said: “If the committee cannot get the licence, then the village hall cannot move forward.”

The committee applied for the licence so it can be used for more events and help bring in more money to cover running costs.

Mr Towning said: “If it had been granted it would have meant that they could hold weddings, birthdays and parties.

“The alcohol licence wasn’t just for the bikers.”

Mr Towning said the club would now consider whether or not it will carry on meeting at the hall.

If it decides to move on the village hall will lose revenue.

The club has put down carpets tiles and tidied up the hall during the year it has been meeting there.

Mr Towning added: “We didn’t just do this for us, we did it for the benefit of the whole village community.”

South Kesteven District Council objected to the application, saying it was concerned that the hall is close to residential properties and live music being played outdoors late at night could lead to public nuisance.

The council said it could not give any further details about the committee’s decision and the reasons for it because the minutes from the meeting had not been prepared.