Drivers ‘spoiling’ view by parking on verges in Bourne

Cars parked on North Road, Bourne
Cars parked on North Road, Bourne
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DRIVERS parking their cars on the grass verges along North Road are said to be spoiling the view into Bourne.

The problem was discussed by Bourne Town Council’s highways and planning committee at the Town Hall on Tuesday evening.

Town clerk Nelly Jacobs said the issue had been brought up by a resident who had spoken to councillor Judy Smith, who was unable to attend the meeting.

Councillors discussed the possibility of creating a by-law to stop people from parking on the verges.

These regulations would need to be consulted on and then approved by a secretary of state.

But Coun John Smith said: “The parking problem is along the road, but if you were to enforce something like this - people will park on the main road and there’s nothing we can do.

“This would be very dangerous.”

Coun Colin Pattison said he uses the path down North Road regularly and is aware of the ongoing issue.

He said: “Not so long ago the verges were re-soiled and re-seeded.

“It just gets turned up in no time.”

Coun Helen Powell put forward the suggestion of using Tarmac in places because the pavement and verges are fairly wide.

This idea was discussed and developed into the proposal of putting grills on the verges to help protect the ground, while allowing the grass to grow through at the same time.

Coun Bob Russell, who is the chairman of the committee, said either way, it is a complicated problem to resolve.

He said: “It is a difficult one.”

Coun Russell told his fellow councillors that they needed to respond to the concern about the visual impact, but added: “We have got to live in the harsh reality of the world as it is.”

Coun Russell suggested responding to the resident who made the complaint through Coun Smith and then approaching Lincolnshire County Council, which is responsible for the verges, about the possibility of having grills put in place.

The committee proposed this plan of action to try and help improve the issue.

After the meeting Coun Judy Smith was unable to name the person who had spoken to her, but said: “A resident from Galletly Close spoke to me and said the cars parked on there spoilt the approach from the north of Bourne.”