Election results: Conservative party loses control of Lincolnshire County Council

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Lincolnshire Conservatives have lost control of the county council after suffering a crushing defeat in yesterday’s elections.

The Tories had 61 seats on the council but lost 25 at the polls and now have just 36. The UK Independence Party made the biggest gain yesterday, winning 16 seats after having none.

One of the biggest casualties of the night was the failure by Conservative deputy leader Eddy Poll to retain his seat.

Tory leader Martin Hill said: “I’m very disappointed. Obviously UKIP have got a strong surge. Eddy was a very good councillor and this will be a very big loss to Lincolnshire County Council.”

Following his own win, Coun Hill said: “There are some difficult times ahead. We will need a secure council to deliver the savings which will be required and the challenges that now face us.

“It will be difficult and we will need a stable council.”

Of the 77 seats available, 36 went to Conservatives, 16 went to UKIP, Labour won 10 seats, eight went to the Lincolnshire Independents, three were won by Liberal Democrat councillors, three by Labour and Co-operative and two by Independents.

The elected councillors are listed below with the councillor who previously held the seat marked with an asterisk (*).

There was also an election for Northamptonshire County Council and the count will take place this afternoon from 2pm at the Kettering Conference Centre.

Bourne Abbey

Ron Davison (Ukip) 621

Jane Kingman (Independent) 418

Peter Morris (Lib Dem) 72

Ian Selby (Labour and Co-operative) 268

Sue Woolley (Con)* 969 - ELECTED

Turnout: 25 per cent

Bourne Castle

Charlotte Farquharson (Con)* 871

Paul Jacklin (Lab) 214

Janire Morris (Lib Dem) 76

Helen Powell (Lincolnshire Independent) 948 - ELECTED

Turnout: 31 per cent

Colsterworth Rural

Bob Adams (Con) 754 - ELECTED

Eric Goodyer (Lab) 239

John Ireland (Lincolnshire Independent) 139

Stewart Waring (Ukip) 523

Turnout: 29 per cent

Deeping St James

Michael Bossingham (Green Party) 136

Paul Cosham (Con) 511

Phil Dilks (Lab) 862 - ELECTED

Philip Hammersley (Lib Dem) 91

Turnout: 27 per cent

Folkingham Rural

Jan Hansen (Lincolnshire Independent) 1,020

Martin Hill (Con)* 1,432 - ELECTED

John Morgan (Lab) 290

Brian Withnall (Lib Dem) 146

Turnout: 37 per cent

Market and West Deeping

Ashley Baxter (Lincolnshire Independent) 851

Christine Brough (Lib Dem) 30

Elizabeth Eyre (Lab) 205

Peter Robinson (Con)* 868 - ELECTED

Turnout: 29 per cent

Stamford North

Mark Ashberry (Lab) 343

John Hicks (Independent)* 775 - ELECTED

Brian Sumner (Con) 517

Turnout: 22 per cent

Stamford Rural

Philip Hammond (Lab) 617

Martin Trollope-Bellew (Con)* 1,511 - ELECTED

Turnout: 27 per cent

Stamford West

Harrish Bisnauthsing (Lib Dem) 327

David Brailsford (Con)* 744 - ELECTED

Adam Wissen (Lab) 169

Turnout: 26 per cent

The candidates elected across the rest of the county are as follows:

Alford and Sutton - Stephen Palmer (Lincolnshire Independent)

Ancholme Cliff - Charles Strange (Con)

Bardney and Cherry Willingham - Ian Fleetwood (Con)

Bassingham Rural - Raymond Philips (Con)

Billinghay and Metheringham - Patricia Bradwell (Con)

Boston Coastal - Felicity Ransome (Ukip)

Boston East - Sue Ransome (Ukip)

Boston Fishtoft - Elizabeth Ransome (Ukip)

Boston North West - Tiggs Keywood-Wainwright (Ukip)

Boston Rural - Michael Brookes (Con)

Boston South - Alison Austin (Lincolnshire Independents)

Boston West - Bob McAuley (Ukip)

Bracebridhe Heath and Waddington - Christine Talbot (Con)

Branston and Navenby - Marianne Overton (Lincolnshire Independents)

Crowland and Whaplode - Nigel Pepper (Con)

Donnington Rural - Sue Wray (Con)

Gainsborough Hill - John Beaver (Ukip)

Gainsborough Rural South - Stuart Kinch (Con)

Gainsborough Trent - Patrick O’Connor (Lib Dem)

Grantham Barrowby - Joanna Churchill (Con)

Grantham East - Linda Wootten (Con)

Grantham North - Ray Wootten (Con)

Grantham North West - Richard Davies (Con)

Grantham South - Charmaine Morgan (Lab)

Heighington and Washingborough - Clive Oxby (Con)

Holbeach - Charles Worth (Con)

Holbeah Rural - William Webb (Con)

Horncastle and Tetford - William Aron (Lincolnshire Independents)

Hough - Paul Wood (Independent)

Hykeham Forum - John Marriott (Lib Dem)

Ingoldmels Rural - Colin Davie (Con)

Lincoln Birchwood - Rosanne Kirk (Lab)

Lincoln Boultham - Kevin Clarke (Lab)

Lincoln Bracebridge - Marc Jones (Con)

Lincoln East - Robin Renshaw (Lab)

Lincoln Glebe - Neil Murray (Lab)

Lincoln Hartsholme - Jane Smith (Ukip)

Lincoln Moorland - Geoff Ellis (Lab)

Lincoln North - Judy Renshaw (Lab)

Lincoln Park - Neville Jackson (Lab)

Lincoln West - Robert Parker (Lab)

Louth Marsh - Daniel McNally (Ukip)

Louth North - Sara Dodds (Lab)

Louth Rural North - Tony Bridges (Con)

Louth South - John Hough (Lab)

Louth Wolds - Charles Marfleet (Con)

Mablethorpe - Anne Reynolds (Ukip)

Market Rasen Wolds - Burton Keimach (Con)

Nettleham and Saxilby - Jacqueline Brockway (Con)

North Wolds - Anthony Turner (Con)

Ruskington and Cranwell - Stuart Tweedale (Con)

Scotter Rural - Christopher Underwood-Frost (Con)

Skegness North - Dean Hunter-Clarke (Ukip)

Skegness South - Robin Hunter-Clarke (Ukip)

Skellingthorpe and Hykeham South - Reginald Shore (Lib Dem)

Sleaford - Mark Allan (Lincolnshire Independents)

Sleaford Rural South - Barry Young (Con)

Sleaford West and Leasingham - Andrew Hagues (Con)

Spalding East and Moulton - Richard Fairman (Ukip)

Spalding Elloe - Elizabeth Sneath (Con)

Spalding South - Alan Jesson (Ukip)

Spalding West - Angela Newton (Lincolnshire Independents)

Spilsby Fen - Victoria Ayling (Ukip)

Sutton Elloe - Christopher Brewis (Lincolnshire Independents)

Tattershall Castle - Colin Mair (Ukip)

Wainfleet and Burgh - Christopher Pain (Ukip)

Welton Rural - Susan Rawlins (Con)

Woodhall Spa and Wragby - Denis Hoyes (Con)

Northamptonshire - results not yet declared


Chris Cox (Lab)

Linda Saunders (Ukip)

George Smid (Lib Dem)

Heather Smith (Con)