Final consultation on Uppingham Neighbourhood Plan

Uppingham Town Hall
Uppingham Town Hall
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Uppingham residents have been asked to have a final say on a plan that will help guide where building should take place in their town.

Rutland County Council’s cabinet has approved a six week consultation on the neighbourhood plan drawn up by the Uppingham Neighbourhood Plan Task Group.

The plan is a 40-page document that highlights where and how the town can be developed until 2026.

The document has been complied over two years. The aim of it is to address key issues in the town, such as deciding the best sites to propose for new housing and employment, setting out planning policies to guide all forms of new development as well as guidance on the design and appearance of any new buildings.

Earlier this month mayor of Uppingham Dave Casewell called the plan “probably the most important document prepared by the town council since its formation.”

He added: “If approved in the referendum, it will give the local community a much greater say and more control over the shape of its destiny.”

The plan has twice been put to public consultation already.

Residents, businesses, landowners and developers now have until Monday, March 10, to make their final comments on the finished document.

If any unresolved objections are submitted during formal consultation on the final draft plan it may be necessary to arrange for a public examination.

This would be undertaken by an independent inspector appointed by the county council with the agreement of the town council.

The independent examiner would consider whether the plan meets 
basic conditions set out by law.

If the document met the conditions, either with or without further modifications, the plan could then proceed to a referendum which Rutland County Council will organise.

The plan requires 50 per cent support to be confirmed.

The plan area covers the whole of Uppingham parish, along with parts of Ayston parish lying south of the A47 by-pass of the town.

Small amendments were made to the first document. Plans for a bypass were removed, as councillors believed it was unlikely it would be built before 2026 and the plan should be attracting people to the town centre, rather than forcing them around it.

The plan can be viewed at the council offices in Oakham, all public libraries in Rutland an online at