First results are in for local elections

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THE first results are in for the district council elections in South Kesteven.

Council leader Linda Neal (Con) has kept her seat in Bourne West, where she is joined by John Smith (Con) and Helen Powell (Ind).

More results to follow as they are announced, including Rutland County Council.


All Saints Ward, Stamford - David Bimson, Labour 318 votes; Breda Griffin, Conservative 480 (elected); Dr Sam Jalili, Liberal Democrats 273; Susan Sandall, Independent 452 (elected); Max Sawyer, Independent 413; Adam Wissen, Labour 247;

St John’s Ward, Stamford - Christine Brough, Liberal Democrats 485; Terl Bryant, Conservative 1103 (elected); Rob Foulkes, UK Independence Party 435; Maureen Jalili, Liberal Democrats 551; David Nalson, Conservative 1232 (elected); Graddon Rowlands, Conservative 1014 (elected); Tony Story, Independent 600; Clem Walden, Independent 639.

St Georges Ward, Stamford - Maxine Couch, Independent 306; Sandra Curran, Labour 322; Joyce Gaffigan, Liberal Democrats 272; Richard Rae, Green Party 142; Bob Sandall, Independent 426 (elected); Brenda Sumner, Conservative 409 (elected); Bill Turner, Labour 319.

Bourne West Ward - Jonathan Hitch, Labour 440; Trevor Holmes, Independent 729; Linda Neal, Conservative 1018 (elected); Helen Powell, Lincolnshire Independent 830 (elected); Kirsty Roche, Conservative 795; John Smith, Conservative 858 (elected).

Bourne East Ward - David Evans, The Green Party 776; David Higgs, Conservative 1179 (elected); Bob Russell, Conservative 1148 (elected); Judy Smith, Conservative 1416 (elected).

Aveland Ward - Peter Morris, Liberal Democrats 241; Debbie Wren, Conservative 624 (elected).

Ringstone Ward - Frances Cartwright, Conservative 590 (elected); Alex King, Green Party 188; Janire Morris, Liberal Democrats 172.

Hillsides Ward - Ibis Channell, Independent 568 (elected); Martin Trollope-Bellew, Conservative 379.

St Mary’s Ward (Stamford) - Martin Bamford (Green) 294; Jean Bevan (Con) 676 (elected); Harrish Bisnauthsing (Lib Dem) 606 (elected); John Dawson (Ind) 516; Jon Poznanski (Ind) 281; Brian Sumner (Con) 515.