Fury over double yellow line plan

Khrushid Russell, Belinda Welsh and daughter Jemima and Jane Gabbutt
Khrushid Russell, Belinda Welsh and daughter Jemima and Jane Gabbutt
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ANGRY residents have hit out at plans to paint double yellow lines on their road.

Developer David Wilson Homes told residents of Tarragon Way in Bourne that lines would be painted following a complaint about dangerous traffic manoeuvres last year.

But nothing was done until earlier this month, when Lincolnshire County Council proposed lines along both sides of an 90-yd stretch of road.

The county council wants the lines painted by the developer before it adopts the estate roads to save on the costs it would incur if it carried out the work.

Many of the families living on the affected stretch have two cars but only one off-road parking space, so have to use the road to park.

Stephen Gabbutt, who lives with his wife Jane, has set up a Facebook group opposing the plans and intends to write a letter to the council on behalf of the affected residents.

He said: “It is apparent that the council has reacted to complaints from individuals who are not directly affected by the potential yellow lining, and they have not provided alternative arrangements for those residents who will be directly affected.

“This ensures that those who complain are satisfied and those who are directly affected are not.”

Mrs Gabbutt added: “There is a sense of anger and frustration along the street and no alternative has been proposed to us.

“When we contacted David Wilson Homes a year ago, after their initial letter, we were told only one complaint had been received. To punish us all for that seems unfair.”

The county council confirmed that only one official complaint had been made, along with several unofficial comments.

Belinda Welsh, who lives with her husband Nick and daughter Jemima, said: “When we bought the house it was understood that we had on-street parking to go with the space at the rear.

“Most houses on this stretch have two cars and people from neighbouring streets also park here. Sometimes I can’t get a space near my house.”

Khurshid Russell lives on her own but has mobility issues and often struggles to access her house from the rear parking space.

She said: “The front of the house has level access with a high kerb so I can get from my car to my house easily.

“But the back parking space is much further away and has big steps in between, which I have fallen down before.

“It seems like they are using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. I think it’s very unfair.

“I told the developers I would pay to change my front garden to hard standing but instead they put in trees and bushes which make it even harder to see round the corner from the road.”

And Pam Hallas, who lives with her husband Adrian and children Kaitlyn and Olly, blamed David Wilson Homes for poor road design.

She said: “There is no other parking on the estate and the garages are too small.

“Cars drive too quickly round the estate as it is, so if they take away the parked cars on our street they will just drive even faster.

“The front gardens are useless, and the developers need to change that by putting parking spaces in. It’s a big design error.”

Residents have until June 3 to send their objections to the county council.

Area highways manager Kevin Brumfield said: “Tarragon Way is a new, unadopted estate on which residents have expressed concerns that parked vehicles are causing problems by restricting visibility.

“This causes traffic to have to use the wrong side of the road with limited or no opportunities to pull in when confronted by another vehicle travelling in the opposite direction.

“With this in mind, the housing developers are paying for the traffic regulation consultation which is running alongside their maintenance period.

“This is because the county council needs a resolution to the issue before we complete our adoption of the estate.”