Gallery/Video: Vulcan XH558 makes its Cold War Tour

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Eyes and ears were trained on the sky as the last flying Vulcan bomber passed overhead.

The XH558 took in RAF Wittering and Kendrew Barracks as part of its Cold War Tour. The huge aircraft could be seen from miles around as it flew over Wittering, past Stamford and through Rutland.

The Vulcan XH558 over RAF Wittering. Photo: Lee Hellwing EMN-140925-170618001

The Vulcan XH558 over RAF Wittering. Photo: Lee Hellwing EMN-140925-170618001

During a two-hour flight the plane toured remaining V-Bomber bases to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the falling of the Berlin Wall, which signified the end of the Cold War.

Shortly after 3.30pm the distinctive rumble of the Vulcan’s four powerful Olympus engines was heard approaching the western end of RAF Wittering’s airfield. Station personnel came out in droves to catch a glimpse of the delta-winged giant as she performed a series of turns and climbs, captivating the audience for a few brief moments before flying off to the former RAF Station at Cottesmore, Kendrew Barracks.

Grp Cpt Damian Alexander, station commander at RAF Wittering, took a few moments to watch the Vulcan. He said; “On behalf of everyone here at Wittering, I would like to thank The Vulcan to the Sky Trust for today’s visit.”

“No other aircraft defines the RAF or the Cold War better than the Avro Vulcan; it is a flying legend with a unique shape and a sound that resonates deeply with anyone who remembers that era. To have the last flying example at RAF Wittering, even for a few moments, has been a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the important past of this historic station.”

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Photos taken by: Lee Hellwing, Andrew Hensley, Julie Cameron and Jonathan Burley.