Keep the district clean when dining 
al fresco this summer

South Kesteven District Council.
South Kesteven District Council.
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Residents and visitors in South Kesteven are being asked to bin their food and picnic waste this summer to help keep the district clean.

The council knows that al fresco eating is popular when the weather is good and having picnics and enjoying convenience food can be part of the fun during the warmer weather.

Now everyone in the district’s towns and villages is being urged to always be responsible about how they bin any leftover waste.

Litter bins are never far away, so if you are taking fast food or drinks to a park or open space or out and about in the car or work vehicle, always find one to deposit the items in.

Anyone seen littering in South Kesteven can be given an on the spot fine of 

SKDC’s Executive Member for Environment Nick Craft said: “Take the extra time and responsibility to help make our neighbourhoods and public places look as attractive as possible and litter free.”