Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire county council election candidates revealed

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The candidates for the upcoming county council elections in Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire have been revealed.

All wards will be contested in the elections on May 2.

The candidates are listed below with the existing councillor, if standing again, marked with *.

There are nine wards to be contested in the Lincolnshire elections.

Bourne Abbey

Ron Davison (Ukip), Jane Kingman (Independent), Peter Morris (Lib Dem), Ian Selby (Labour and Co-operative), Sue Woolley (Con)*

Bourne Castle

Charlotte Farquharson (Con)*, Paul Jacklin (Lab), Janire Morris (Lib Dem), Helen Powell (Lincolnshire Independent)

Colsterworth Rural

Bob Adams (Con), Eric Goodyer (Lab), John Ireland (Lincolnshire Independent), Stewart Waring (Ukip)

Deeping St James

Michael Bossingham (Green Party), Paul Cosham (Con), Phil Dilks (Lab), Philip Hammersley (Lib Dem)

Folkingham Rural

Jan Hansen (Lincolnshire Independent), Martin Hill (Con)*, John Morgan (Lab), Brian Withnall (Lib Dem)

Market and West Deeping

Ashley Baxter (Lincolnshire Independent), Christine Brough (Lib Dem), Elizabeth Eyre (Lab), Peter Robinson (Con)*

Stamford North

Mark Ashberry (Lab), John Hicks (Independent)*, Brian Sumner (Con)

Stamford Rural

Philip Hammond (Lab), Martin Trollope-Bellew (Con)*

Stamford West

Harrish Bisnauthsing (Lib Dem), David Brailsford (Con)*, Adam Wissen (Lab)

In Northamptonshire the four wards of Fineshade, King’s Forest, Prebendal and Oundle have been combined into one Oundle ward following a review by the Local Government Boundary Commission.

The candidates for the Oundle ward are:

Chris Cox (Lab), Linda Saunders (Ukip), George Smid (Lib Dem), Heather Smith (Con)