New faces fill vacant town council seats

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FOUR new faces have been co-opted onto Bourne Town Council vowing to do their bit for the community.

The vacancies on the west ward were filled at the extraordinary meeting of the town council at Bourne Town Hall on Tuesday evening.

The new councillors are Greg Cejer, Paul Fellows, Roy McKinney and David Mapp.

Some of the former west ward councillors Alistair Prentice, Jane Kingman-Pauley and Linda Neal did not stand for the latest election last month.

Coun David Higgs, who was also on the west ward, stood for the east ward instead, leaving four places to fill.

During the meeting nine candidates spoke in turn about themselves and councillors asked them questions.

The candidates who missed out on a seat were former town councillor Guy Cudmore, Jonathan Hitch, Robert Kelly, David Parsonage and Phillip Rosser.

It took about an hour for the council to interview the candidates, allowing each about seven minutes to talk about himself before answering the different questions.

During Mr Cejer’s interview-style session with the council, he said he has always believed in giving to the community.

Mr Cejer, of Northfields, Bourne, is a magistrate, chairman of the 1st Bourne Scouts and is also company secretary for Bourne Arts and Community Trust which runs Wake House, in North Street.

He said: “I feel I can offer something to the town council without wanting to change the world.”

Mr Fellows, of Tennyson Drive, Bourne, was third in line for the questioning.

He talked about his career in teaching and his work in youth theatre.

Mr Fellows said: “I have now reached that stage of my life when I have got a bit of time and the energy to invest.

“I want to use it by serving Bourne on the town council.”

Mr McKinney, of Beaufort Drive, Bourne, was sixth in line to speak to the council.

He said: “I thought it would be nice to contribute and try and help with the development of the town where possible.

“I like to think I am a good team player.”

Semi-retired Mr Mapp, of Saffron Walk, Bourne, was called in after Mr McKinney.

He said: “I like Bourne very much and I have the capacity to give my time to the people of the town.”

The councillors voted by ballot to choose who they wanted to take on the vacancies, after seeing all the candidates.

Each vacancy was voted for separately.

Mr Mapp was the first person to be elected to fill one of the vacancies.

The councillors then voted again and Mr Cejer was chosen.

Mr Fellows was picked for the third opening, and Mr McKinney for the fourth position.