Plea for help with parking problems

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RESIDENTS have signed a petition calling for off-road parking in the village were they live.

People living in Station Road, Morton, presented it during the Morton and Hanthorpe Parish Council public forum held in the village’s church hall on Tuesday last week.

People living in bungalows owned by South Kesteven District Council have signed the petition asking for somewhere to park their cars.

Council chairman David Creasey said parking has been an ongoing problem for years for residents living in these particular properties.

He said: “These bungalows were originally let out to the older generation but in recent years the council has let them out to families who have at least one car, if not two.

“They used to be able to park on land at the farm adjacent to the bungalows, but this has now been developed.

“People are now having to park on the road and this is a hazard because it is on a bend and near to the village’s primary school.”

Coun Creasey is hoping something can be done because he said drivers are making a mess of the grass verges when they park on the roadside too.

He said: “They realise they are making a mess on the road verges and that they can’t park safely on the road because there are kids going to school and farm traffic.

“This is why the petition was organised.

“It really is spoiling the look of that end of the village and the churchyard.”

District councillor Frances Cartwright attended the meeting and was given the petition.

Parish clerk Terry Barnatt said: “She had been looking into this matter, following previous deliberations regarding parking problems on Station Road.”

Coun Creasey hopes Coun Cartwright can help solve the problem.

He said: “Fortunately our district councillor is on the case, so hopefully we can get something done.

“Hopefully we are now one step further forward with this.”

A district council spokesman said about eight years ago money was set aside for parking in this area, however the residents living in the vicinity were unable to agree on the best course of action at the time.

He said: “As a result the funds were allocated to other projects.

“At this stage there no plans in place to provide car parking spaces in this area.”