Police and prison staff to use vacant Ashwell Prison site for training

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POLICE and prison staff will be temporarily using the vacant Ashwell Prison site for training.

Rutland County Council said the prison would be used for training for four days a week from June, for patrolling activities and specialist dog training.

Noise will be kept to a minimum and training will only be done during the day. It is not yet known how long this will continue.

Rutland County Council chief executive Helen Briggs said talks were continuing with the Ministry of Justice over the long-term plans for the site.

She said: “It is good that we have already found a temporary solution for the site that will benefit our police and prison services. I hope that we will hear news about the long term plans for the site in the near future.”

Rutland MP Alan Duncan (Con) said: “I am focused on getting the best possible deal for Ashwell in the long term.”

The prison closed in March because it was too expensive to rebuild following riots in 2009.