Protest group want planners to explain why a greenfield site in Stamford was chosen for housing

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A PROTEST group wants council planners to attend a public meeting and explain why they chose greenfield land for housing development.

South Kesteven District Council picked the site between Tinwell Road and Empingham Road, Stamford to supply the majority of housing for the town for the next 15 years.

Commercial Estates Group wants to turn the 70-acre site into a 400-home estate, including about 140 affordable houses, a shop and a community centre.

But the South West Approaches Protection Group thinks the site should be saved for agricultural use, and land to the east of the town should be developed instead.

The group will hold a public meeting at 7pm on Friday, August 26, at the Danish Invader on Empingham Road, and hopes council planners will attend.

Member Robert Conboy said: “This is a very contentious decision.

“I have had a very large number of phone calls from people from all over Stamford about it.

“We are strongly of the opinion that the development should be on the other side of the town, beyond Morrisons.

“We want an explanation from the district council planners. We are hoping to get them to change their decision.

“They are taking away prime agricultural land which is getting very scarce in this country.”

The site is the biggest of six picked by the council to form the core strategy for Stamford, part of the local development framework which says where houses should be built in the town until 2026.

The core strategy requires land for 1,140 houses to be allocated in the town between 2006 and 2026 and there are few infill sites available.

Since 2006, 380 homes have been built and at a further 170 had planning permission on March 31. With the six new sites land has now been allocated for 580 new homes in the town.

The two other major sites suggested were a 1,500-home estate on the oustkirts of Stamford at Newstead, and a 400-home development on former brickworks land on Little Casterton Road.

Both of these were rejected in favour of the Tinwell Road site.

Mr Conboy also hopes Commercial Estates Group will attend the meeting.

He added: “We will invite the developers to come and put their case forward.

“We are hoping for a strong show of support from the people of Stamford.”