Residents consulted on parking permit scheme

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THE areas where proposed residents parking schemes for Stamford could be introduced have been unveiled.

South Kesteven District Council has put together a policy on its proposed scheme and is proposing five residents’ parking zones.

The orange zone covers Recreation Ground Road, Conduit Road, and as far north as Princes Road.

The red zone covers between North Road and Wharf Road, as far as its junction with Blackfriars.

The green zone covers between Scotgate and Rock Road to Bath Row and in Tinwell Road as far west as its junction with West Road.

The yellow zone covers Wharf Road, from Blackfriars, up to St Leonard’s Street and covers Brazenose Lane.

The areas are subject to consultation, which the district council is carrying out with residents’ groups, the police, Lincolnshire County Council’s highways team, Stamford Town Council, and town residents.

The zones have been developed in response to concern from residents, who say that when wardens start patrolling the streets in December, they will be penalised for parking outside their own homes.

Lincolnshire County Council is due to take on enforcement powers from the police at the beginning of December.

If there is more than 50 per cent backing for each of the schemes, the district council will ask the county council for permission to introduce the schemes.

If the schemes are introduced, it means areas are reserved for permit holders.

Most of the zones will be from 8am until 6pm Monday to Saturday, apart from areas where there is a 24 hour parking problem.

Richard Cleaver, who lives in St Leonard’s Street, and has been leading calls for residents parking scheme.

He said he was “disappointed” at the prospect of residents only parking bays.

He said: “It is nice to see them doing something but the fact is this is not what we asked for.”

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