Residents in Stamford Road, Oakham, delighted with council’s decision on parking restrictions

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Residents are delighted that the council has decided to take action following their long-running campaign over safety on their road.

People living in Stamford Road, Oakham, have been calling for parking restrictions along their road for nearly three years because they say it has become dangerous due to congestion.

At a Rutland County Council cabinet meeting on Tuesday, councillors voted to have a yellow line painted along the road, enforcing restrictions between 8am and 6pm, from Monday to Saturday.

Parking along the road had become a problem since the displacement of council employees from the council’s car park in Catmose.

More than 40 residents had signed two petitions calling for the council to enforce restrictions.

Campaigner Hugh Illingworth said: “There’s not going to be a party just yet until the lines are painted but this is great news. You can call it democracy at work.

“The problem was not just with the residents but any road users passing down the road. I have witnessed many minor accidents because where cars park on either side of the road, it creates a bottle-neck and becomes very narrow with vehicles trying to pass each other.

“The council has made a good decision. Common sense has prevailed in the name of road safety.”

Meanwhile, residents in South Street and Penn Street are closer to winning their battle over proposed parking changes on their roads.

They had been protesting against the council’s plans to introduce limited waiting times to permit holder bays between 10am and 3pm, but at the cabinet meeting, councillors decided to defer the decision and review the issue. Residents were also happy that the council will increase the cost of permits from £15 to £25, not to £40 as had been recommended.