Residents’ parking scheme is rejected

The five zones proposed under the South Kesteven District Council residents' parking scheme for Stamford
The five zones proposed under the South Kesteven District Council residents' parking scheme for Stamford
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Stamford will not get a residents’ parking scheme after too few people responded to a council questionnaire.

South Kesteven District Council asked residents of five zones around the town centre whether they were willing to pay for a permit to park outside their homes.

For permits to be introduced 50 per cent of residents needed to be in favour, but less than 30 per cent responded. This means that residents who ignore parking restrictions outside their homes will face fines.

Steve Marsh has parking restrictions outside his house in Broad Street. He said: “We are in despair. We are back to square one which is really difficult.”

Mr Marsh said he was not surprised at the result due to the format of the survey, which required half of residents to be in favour rather than 50 per cent of respondents.

He added: “We are keen to see the detail of the survey results because we believe there are subsets of streets where the majority are in favour.”

Previously many residents parked in restricted areas without punishment. But after Lincolnshire County Council took over parking powers from police in December, more than 900 tickets were handed out in Stamford in just two months.

The five separate areas where schemes could have been introduced were between Tinwell Road and Scotgate (1a); between Scotgate and North Street, East Street and parts of St Leonard’s Street, St Paul’s Street (1b); areas from the edge of 1b to Uffington Road (1c); North Street up to Alexandra Road, including Recreation Ground Road (2); and Station Road, Wothorpe Road, Water Street and High Street St Martin’s (3).

The highest response was from zone 1a, where 14.3 per cent were in favour. In zone 1b 13.4 per cent were in favour; in 1c it was 11.6 per cent; zone 2 was 11.1 per cent and zone 3 just 5.2 per cent.

A total of 2,904 question-naires were sent out to residents and businesses and 854, or 29.4 per cent, were returned.

Some residents bought discounted season tickets for the town’s car parks or temporary permits allowing them to park outside their homes as well. These will continue until at least their current expiry at the end of May.

A district council statement said there had been a decline in short-stay car park ticket sales and an increase in long-stay sales since the county council took over parking enforcement.

The statement added: “This coupled with local feedback suggests the introduction of enforcement has had the desired effect of moving some of the all-day parking from on-street into the off-street car parks.

“In turn this has allowed short stay shoppers and visitors to gain access to the limited time bays in the town centre.

“Combining this car park analysis with the views from the questionnaire will help the council to understand more fully the parking picture for Stamford.”

The district council will share the results of the survey with the county council.

* Parking signs in St Leonard’s Street in Stamford have been changed. They now read “9am to 6pm 2 hours. No return within 2 hours”.

This has been changed from the previous sign, which specified Monday to Saturday.

The county council said it had been brought to its attention the sign was incorrect because Sundays are enforceable.