Residents view plans for parking scheme

Jennifer and Peter Gosling look at the plans
Jennifer and Peter Gosling look at the plans
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Residents affected by plans to introduce a parking permit scheme in their streets were given the chance to find out more at an information day.

South Kesteven District Council presented plans for the scheme at Stamford Arts Centre on Friday and Wednesday.

Under the plans, residents of five areas around the town centre could be asked to pay up to £100 for a parking permit.

More than half of the residents in each area have to support a scheme for it to be put in place.

Peter and Jennifer Gosling live in Church Lane, which comes under zone three of the scheme.

Peter, 85, said: “My street has been free parking for people who don’t want to pay in the town centre.

“I have had people park outside my door for a fortnight.

“We own one car and struggle to park at the moment. I would be happy to pay for a permit. I think it’s a good scheme.”

Steve Marsh, 53, who lives in Broad Street, said: “It is important we get some kind of scheme because people have been campaigning for it for a while.

“It is interesting that the council has extended the zones to include people who may have been impacted by people parking in their streets if the scheme didn’t go ahead.

“People are realising what the impact could be without a scheme.”

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