Rutland County Council hopes to secure smaller community centre in Oakham

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The county council is hoping to persuade a developer to build a community centre worth up to £500,000 on a housing estate.

Hawksmead has agreed to spend up to £1.3m building a new community centre on the site of its Oakham North development.

This is part of Hawksmead’s legal agreement with Rutland County Council, which approved the plans to build 1,100 homes in Oakham over 15 years.

The council had to put together a full brief on its requirements for the community centre but Hawksmead raised issues with it which were not resolved before a deadline passed.

Hawksmead now wants to contribute the £1.3m for community facilities in five payments and not actually build the centre itself.

However the council hopes to persuade Hawksmead to build a much smaller centre at a cost of between £300,000 and £500,000, with the remaining money used for sports and leisure development.

The council has carried out a survey which supports a smaller community building similar to a village hall, which would be used by youth clubs and other groups. It is hoped a management committee made up of volunteers would run it.

The cabinet will discuss this at a meeting on Tuesday and is due to put forward its recommendation to the full council. It will also ask the council to approve consulting with sports and leisure groups to identify areas where money could be spent.

The council’s three priority areas for sports funding are refurbishing the old sports hall at Catmose College, developing sports provision at the proposed Ashwell Business Park and developing sports facilities at Rutland County College.

As part of the Oakham North development, Hawksmead has also agreed contributions for library services, museum and archive services and off site sports facilities.

The council’s development control and licensing committee will also meet on Tuesday to discuss plans by Hawksmead and Charles Church Developments to build 164 homes as part of the next phase of the development.