Rutland County Council will consider Morcott wind turbine

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COUNCILLORS will look again at an application for a second wind turbine in Morcott.

Rutland County Council’s development control and licensing committee approved an application for a second 88ft wind turbine at Springfield Lodge Farm in North Luffenham Road, Morcott, on Tuesday last week.

But councillors Edward Baines (Con), James Lammie (Con), William Cross (Con) and Terry King (Con) asked for the application to be brought before full council. It will be considered by the council at its meeting on Monday, August 13, which starts at 7pm.

When it was approved, the application had received 35 letters of objection, a petition with 119 signatures and four objectors spoke out at the meeting.

Planning officers had recommended the plans be approved and said that a document the council had drawn up, which objected to wind turbines, could only be considered as “emerging guidance” because it had not yet been approved.

Residents in the village said they were “pleased” the application was to be discussed again.

Michael Clayton, of Willoughby Road, Morcott, said: “We have had about 120 people signing a petition against the installation of a second wind turbine at Springfield Lodge on top of the hill facing the village which would damage our rural skyline immensely.

“I believe more will be signing in the next few days.

“The parish council has warned of the damage to the northern aspect of the village.

“I am sure the vast majority of Rutland residents will be pleased the county council is rightly considering this matter before a full council meeting because this is not just a little local matter.

“Wind turbines across the county will severely damage its unique rural character forever.

“There are more applications in the pipeline.”

Mr Clayton said wind turbines were a “highly doubtful means of raising natural energy efficiently and cheaply”.

He said: “Currently we taxpayers subsidise those who put up wind turbines, but this government is soon to reduce that subsidy sharply because of strong doubts about the real value 
of these blots on the landscape.

“Rutland still awaits completion of its planning strategy on wind turbines - so we should at least wait for that before such applications as that at Morcott are granted?”