Rutland MP Alan Duncan welcomes action on street signs

Rutland and Melton MP Alan Duncan
Rutland and Melton MP Alan Duncan
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Rutland MP Alan Duncan has echoed a Government call for authorities to reduce street sign clutter on roads across the country.

Mr Duncan (Con) has been putting pressure on local authorities to cut down on what he says are “needless, confusing and repetitive” street signs, particularly on rural roads.

Now Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has written to local authorities calling on them to review regularly the signs they have put up, removing those that are no longer relevant or necessary.

He also cited the importance of aesthetics and common sense in the design of streetscapes and the financial and environmental burden that installing signs create.

In an accompanying advisory document called Reducing Sign Clutter, Mr McLoughlin provided advice and examples of good practice. The document is the first of a series as part of a new policy called Signing the Way, which aims to minimise the impact of traffic signs on the environment.

Mr Duncan said: “I have been campaigning for the ripping out of pointless signs for almost 20 years so I am extremely heartened that people are now latching onto it.

“Clear and appropriate signs are, of course, necessary for our roads, but the hodge-podge of ugly metal signs that have sprouted up over recent years spoils our rural environment, wastes money and confuses motorists.

“I strongly echo the call for local authorities to use a bit more common sense when deciding what signs they really need to put up and keep up.”