Scores see plans for 400-homes estate in Stamford

Jill and Roy Lemmon look at plans for the new development
Jill and Roy Lemmon look at plans for the new development
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RESIDENTS flocked to get a glimpse of plans for a 400-home estate.

Staff from Commercial Estates Group were at the Stamford Arts Centre on Tuesday and Malcolm Sargent Primary School on Wednesday to talk to the public about plans for land between Tinwell Road and Empingham Road in Stamford.

The firm wants to turn the 70-acre site into a mixed-use housing and employment estate. About a third of the homes would be affordable housing.

More than 130 people attended the exhibitions. David and Wendy Mackenzie, 56 and 57, of Cottesmore Road, Stamford, were reassured by what they saw.

David said: “Our concern was that they would link the new estate by road with our estate but the plans say it would just be a walkway.

“The nightmare would be living in a bungalow next to a three story house but the plans don’t seem to say that would happen.”

Susan Birch, 43, of Arran Road, Stamford, was concerned about the impact on Malcolm Sargent School. She said: “The question is, what happens about the school.

“There are people already living in Caithness Road who haven’t got a place for their children.

“You want to be in walking distance to the school, but it is going to be full.”

Andy and Julie McAnally, 54 and 45, of Holmes Drive, Ketton, thought the development would help the town.

Andy said: “I like the idea that one third will be affordable housing, it is desperately needed in Stamford.

“It’s the ideal opportunity for those struggling to get on the housing ladder. We need to be encouraging growth and development.”

But Chris Briance, 67, of Lonsdale Road, Stamford, thought housing should be built to the east ofthe town.

He said: “It will add about 600 cars, half going through Stamford every day, twice a day. The facilities are all on the other side of the town.”

And John Gibson, 77, also of Lonsdale Road, added: “There is only one major route through Stamford, with four sets of traffic lights.

“They will all go that way to get to Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Lidl. It is going to be a bottleneck through there.”

Jill and Roy Lemmon, of Empingham Road, were worried about access.

Jill, 69, said: “I don’t want to put my head in the sand and say nothing should happen but I think we are being bulldozed. It is too near to the A1, and there is too much traffic in the town.”

Roy, 78, added: “The development looks reasonable but the traffic can only get worse. I wonder whether the access to the A1 is going to be sufficient.”

And Brian Hill, 80, of Exeter Gardens, Stamford, wanted more detail. He said: “I came to see where the houses were actually going to be. It’s just a general view.”

Commercial Estates Group is still consulting and has set up a website at where people can comment on the plans.

Planning and development manager Jon Allen sought to ease concerns about traffic and school places and confirmed that the developer would invest in education in the town if plans for the site were approved.

He said: “Commercial Estates Group is in discussion with Lincolnshire County Council’s education department and local headmasters to understand the best ways to invest in order to provide the required education infrastructure for Stamford West.”

“The council has confirmed that Stamford west performs better on transport matters than the competing sites in Stamford.”

The developer has not yet submitted a planning application.