Sir Alan Duncan retains Rutland and Melton seat for Conservatives

Sir Alan Duncan celebrates his victory with Conservative supporters
Sir Alan Duncan celebrates his victory with Conservative supporters
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Voters showed their faith in Conservative Alan Duncan as they voted the MP into power for the Rutland and Melton ward for a sixth consecutive time.

Sir Alan polled 36,169 votes, nearly three times that of his nearest rival, to clinch the seat.

His victory was a bright spark for the Conservative party which suffered mixed results nationally in the General Election.

The Deputy Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth affairs increased his majority from 21,930 to 23,104 with his latest victory.

Sir Alan said: “I am very pleased to be returned for a sixth time for this fantastic constituency and with an increase in my majority.

“To have gained an majority of more than 23,000 is very satisfying.

“I will continue to raise matters of concern for the people of Rutland and Melton.

“I am disappointed with the overall picture but I hope that we can continue in Government and provide the stability that the country needs.

“We shall have to wait and see what the composition of the Government will be after this election”

Labour’s Dr Heather Peto polled 13,065 votes to be placed second.

It was an increase of 4,682 on Dr James Moore who collected 8,383 votes for Labour in 2015.

Heather felt that at the start of General Election campaign many people had viewed Labour with suspicion but that by the end lots of those supported Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

She said: “We have increased Labour’s number of votes in Rutland and Melton by almost half on 2015.

“I hope to be back for Labour in Rutland and Melton in 2022 to win.”

Ed Reynolds, the Lib-Dem candidate, was third with 4,711 votes, John Scutter, of UKIP, gained 1,869 to just clinch fourth spot ahead of Alastair McQuillan, of the Green Party, who got 1,75 votes.

In total the voting turnout was 73 per cent whiich equates to 57,609 people. There was 141 voting papers rejected under election rules.