South Kesteven District Council renews efforts to fill empty homes

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South Kesteven District Council is renewing efforts to bring empty homes back into use by giving landlords and owners an incentive grant of up to £5,000 to help them re-let their properties.

In support of the Government’s initiative to tackle the shortfall of homes, owners with properties registered as empty are being encouraged to get them back into use.

SKDC is aware some properties will require a lot of work in order to develop them into a habitable condition.

Properties that are empty and unfurnished will pay nothing towards council tax for the first month they are empty.

For the next five months they pay 75 per cent of the charge and for the following 18 months 100 per cent. After two years the amount goes up to 150 per cent.

If the property is undergoing major structural repair the charge is 75 per cent for the first 12 months followed by 100 per cent over the next year. After two years it rises to 150 per cent.

To qualify, the property must have been empty for aty least six months and owners must agree to charge rent that does not exceed Local Housing Allowance rates for at least three years. For information visit