South Kesteven District Council spends £5,000 on car parking machine alterations

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A district council has spent £5,000 replacing car parking machines and making them safer.

South Kesteven District Council paid £3,000 to replace a machine stolen from the Cattle Market car park in Stamford in October.

A further £1,900 has been spent on adapting the other 29 machines across the district to stop them from being broken into after thieves also tried to break into machines in Wharf Road and St Leonard’s Street in November and January.

Police were informed of the incidents.

District council operations team leader Mike Smith said: “Three machines have been attacked in the Wharf Road and St Leonard’s Street and another one has been stolen from the Cattle Market.

“Information we have from neighbouring councils points to the fact that a gang is working up and down the A1 and I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who has information about the thefts.”

Mr Smith added that if anyone tries to use a car parking machine that has been vandalised they should pay the fee by using another machine nearby.

Anyone with information on the thefts should call the district council on 01476 406425.