Stamford Town Council raises concerns over street cleaning

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TOWN councillors are calling for a meeting with the district council over street cleaning in Stamford.

Speaking at Tuesday’s town council meeting in the town hall Coun Tony Story (Ind) said: “The lanes are an absolute mess if you go on a Sunday morning, when a lot of people come to the town.”

The meeting heard the district council was considering buying a new hot wash cleaning machine.

The town council has a small road sweeper, but that is out of action and awaiting repair.

Mary Patrick, of Essex Road, called for the passageways to be cleaned including pigeon mess on a handrail in Goldsmith’s Passage.

John Judge, a former town councillor, also called for the district to do more.

Coun Sue Sandall (Ind) raised concerns the town’s sweeper had been off the road for some time.

Coun Clem Walden (Ind) said the owners of The George Hotel had complained “bitterly” about the state of the town.

Coun Bob Sandall called for a meeting with the district to raise concerns.

District council head of environmental services Dave Banks said: “In Stamford our operatives clean the main streets and side roads and lanes seven days a week and we have recently had positive feedback from residents and local businesses regarding the cleanliness of the lanes area.

“The cleaning programme throughout the district costs just over £763,000 per year with an additional grant paid to Stamford Town Council which helps fund a community cleaner based in the town. The community cleaner can be deployed to meet any additional local need.”

“We would be happy to meet with the town council to discuss any problems that they are experiencing.”