UPDATED: Rutland County Council election results

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THE results are all in for Rutland County Council’s elections.

Leader Roger Begy (Con)’s Greetham ward was the first to be announced and he kept his seat.

He said: “I feel relieved.

“I look forward to the challenges that we face over the next four years and hope that I can deliver to the expectations of those that were kind enough to vote for me. I will do my best for all that live in the ward.

“I am in full favour of contested votes over non-contested votes because it is more democratic.”

The other candidate in the Greetham ward was Martin Brookes (Ind).

Deputy leader Terry King (Con) also kept his seat in Exton.

He said: “I’m very pleased that the community has supported me again. Thank you to all of the voters.

“The next step is waiting to see who else is elected and together we’ll work on a plan for the next four years.”

Whissendine had the highest turnout in the county with 54.8 per cent of residents voting.

The Oakham South West vote was the last to be announced following recounts because voting was so close.


Greetham Ward - Roger Begy, Conservative 456 (elected); Martin Brookes, Independent 106.

Exton Ward - Terry King, Conservative 428 (elected); Malcolm Smith, Liberal Democrats 166.

Normanton Ward - Kenneth Bool, Conservative 695 (elected); Peter Golden, Liberal Democrats 496; Gale Waller, Liberal Democrats 514.

Whissendine Ward - Allan Dean (Con) 247; Brian Montgomery (Ind) 335 (elected)

Cottesmore Ward - David Hollis (Con) 521 (elected); Martyn Pocock (Con) 354 (elected); Jacqueline Thibault (Lib Dem) 260

Langham Ward - Peter Green (Lib Dem) 267; Nick Wainwright (Ind) 287 (elected)

Ryhall and Casterton Ward - Graham Faithfull (Ind) 509; Charlotte Jones (Con) 592 (elected); Chris Parsons (Con) 524 (elected).

Oakham North East Ward - Jeff Dale (Ind) 388 (elected); Vijay Dighe (Con) 361;

Helen Pender (Ind) 231; Alan Walters (Ind) 443 (elected).

Oakham North West Ward - Paul Beech (Ind) 335; Richard Gale (Ind) 557 (elected);

Mark Woodcock (Ind) 439 (elected).

Oakham South East Ward - Jonathan Munton (Con) 602 (elected); Gene Plews (Con) 489 (elected); Richard Swift (Lib Dem) 449.

Oakham South West Ward - Joanna Burrows (Lib Dem) 178; Alf Dewis (Ind) 266; Joanna Figgis (Con) 285 (elected); Jim Harrison (Ind) 139; Peter Jones (Con) 277;

Cedric Phillips (Lib Dem) 131; David Richardson (Ind) 279 (elected).

Uppingham - Lionel Cunnington (Con) 562; Colin Forsyth (Ind) 600 (elected); Peter Ind (Ind) 531; Marc Oxley (Lib Dem) 626 (elected); Lucy Stephenson (Con) 645 (elected); Trevor Wise (Lib Dem) 430.