Wansford Parish Council ‘in the dark’ about cable works

Wansford Parish Council meeting at Wansford Community Hall.
Wansford Parish Council meeting at Wansford Community Hall.
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Complaints about cable works in Wansford have been discussed by the village’s parish council with members saying they had not been notified of the scheme in advance.

Wansford Parish Council gathered at the village’s Community Hall yesterday (Monday) for its monthly meeting.

Among the matters discussed by members was the recent installation of fibre optic cable beneath the village by Hertford-based communication services provider Vtesse.

The work resulted in a trench being dug through the village, including part of a resident’s garden, allegedly without their permission or even with them having been notified in advance.

Chairman Coun John Stannage said the parish council had not received a letter from Vtesse in advance of the works, though understood some residents had.

He said: “We were totally, totally in the dark about this one.”

He said the parish council had established the cable was being laid between Corby and Peterborough, but it was not known what for.

He said: “I see a totally unacceptable situation for members of our village. I don’t know the detail behind it all yet because that had not come.

“We need to know that before we can make a judgment on what we can do about it.”

He said question marks continued to hang over why the cable was laid through Wansford and not around the village and if permission was given.

Coun Tim Pearson described such work as “totally unacceptable”.

Coun Stannage said the matter would return to the parish council for discussion next month when it was hoped more information would be available.

There was no-one from Vtesse at the meeting.

Hazel Blake, 60, of Peterborough Road, Wansford, is among the householders to be left fuming by the installation of the cable.

Mrs Blake, who described villagers as “very unhappy”, said: “It looks a mess.”

Mrs Blake said she did not receive a warning that the soil around tree roots in her front garden would be unearthed as part of the works.

She said: “We have had no information about this, no consultation, no site meeting to tell us what they are going to do.”

“They have come across my land without my permission or even consulting me.

“It just makes me very angry that companies can do this and ride roughshod over everybody.”

A Peterborough City Council spokesman said: “We are aware of the issues raised by some residents in respect of the cabling works in Wansford.

“On Tuesday, we facilitated a meeting between residents and Vtesse, the company who are carrying out the works, and it was agreed that they will now conduct an investigation into local concerns.”