Wittering supports Libya mission

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RAF Wittering is playing a crucial role in the mission to Libya.

The base has been busier than ever since the no-fly zone was imposed over the north African country on March 18.

Over the last month, the No.85 Expeditionary Logistics Wing based at Wittering has already delivered more than 3,500 tonnes worth of spare parts, generators and other equipment to where the air force is stationed in Gioia del Colle in southern Italy.

With the distance covered by the lorries doing the 3,500-mile round trips already equivalent to travelling around the world eight times, Sqn Ldr Fay Davies, 39, executive officer on No 85 Expeditionary Logistics Wing at Wittering, said they had been working around the clock to keep the frontline supplied.

She said: “We were already on exercise in France so when the air operations started in Libya we were tasked with moving freight to Gioia del Colle.

“Since then we have been involved in twice-weekly sustainment runs, which have all come out of Wittering.

“The aircraft need weapons and technical assistance on landing, classed as ground support equipment.”

The long journey is carried out by specialists from the wing who are highly skilled in transporting heavy loads.

In convoy they are hard to miss as they head down to cross the English Channel by ferry and drive across France and Italy.

Sqdn Ldr Davies added: “We are the string to their bow really. Logistics are very important when it comes to any operation. We are experts in organising and supporting an operation.

“We are all small cogs but when you put us together we work as one and for the same cause.

“The operation needs everyone involved to succeed, not just one section or one base. We all work together.

“At the moment we are all enthused, setting to the task and concentrating on what we have to do.

“We have done this before on exercise but to be doing it for real is immensely satisfying.”