Project to revitalise St Michael’s Churchyard

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A project to revamp a churchyard in the heart of Stamford town centre is set to start in earnest in the coming weeks.

The Harry Skells Trust has donated £23,000 for the project to revitalise St Michael’s Churchyard.

The trust, which is administered by Stamford Town Council, for the benefit of townspeople, was approached by Stamford Civic Society which is working with the trust on the project.

The aim is to tidy the area, which is a central part of the town centre, and provide improved seating and lighting. The path will also be slightly altered so it meanders through the churchyard.

It is being done this year in commemoration of the Queen’s 90th birthday - although it has been in the pipeline for some time.

Mayor of Stamford John Dawson, who is current chairman of the Harry Skells Trust, said trustees were only too happy to help this worthwhile project to help both preserve and conserve the churchyard.

The trust has had to apply for relevant planning permission from South Kesteven District Council in relation to a oak tree on the grounds.

Coun Dawson said the trust had hoped to carry out the work for more than a year.

He said: “It’s been discussed for quite some time because it’s getting to look a bit of a mess and it is a focal point of the High Street.

“A lot of people sit there and I think we should do what we can to make it a little better.”

During the work, which is due to start on November 7, access to St Michael’s Churchyard will be fenced off from the public.

From a historical perspective, the trust would be interested to hear from any descendants of the deceased commemorated on the headstones in the 

For more information, or if you’re the descendant of anyone commemorated on the headstones, contact Stamford Town Hall on 01780 753808.