Proposal for renewable energy plant near Oakham

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A HOUSING developer has said it is going to consult people in the county about plans to build a renewable energy plant.

Larkfleet Homes, which is building 1,100 homes in Oakham over the next 15 years, has gone into partnership with Kedco to produce plans for an anaerobic digestion plant.

The plant will be on land north of the Oakham bypass between Langham and Burley-on-the-Hill.

Farmers will be asked to grow crops and produce sileage for the plant which will grind the products down to create energy, which will be put back into the National Grid.

Planning director at Larkfleet Homes Richard Edwards said: “The energy produced from the plant will be more than is used by the new homes we are building.

“It is a renewable energy source and provides an alternative to burning fossil fuels which are running out.

“We will work with Rutland Agricultural Society and farmers in the county.”

Mr Edwards says that before any plans are submitted to Rutland County Council they will hold a public consultation which is likely to take place early next month.