Protesters fight 150-home scheme

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PROTESTERS are calling on villagers to send in their views on a 150-home development.

Members of Sensible Development, known as Send, are fighting against plans to put up the estate in King’s Cliffe.

Charles Church, which is part of the Persimmon group, has applied to East Northamptonshire District Council to develop a field in Wood Road.

The council’s development control committee will be making a decision on the plans at their meeting on Wednesday, February 9.

The protest committee says that the proposal would increase the size of King’s Cliffe by 30 per cent and that the village’s roads would be unable to cope with the influx ofextra vehicles.

Committee chairman George Smid, of Wansford Road, King’s Cliffe, is calling on residents to send in their views to the council within the next two weeks.

He also said the group was not against development in the village.

Mr Smid said: “At the moment we have 450 houses and that would increase the village by 30 per cent.

“The whole development is more of a suburban, town or city type of development.

“They don’t fit in with the character of the village.

“People do not have long to write in and have their say.”

The committee is concerned that the village’s road network will not cope with the extra traffic and that the development would impact on an existing flooding problem in parts of King’s Cliffe.

Adrian Evans, managing director of Charles Church East Midlands, said: “Whilst we are sympathetic to local residents’ concerns, with regards to our proposed new development in King’s Cliffe we have met with and presented to the parish council on a number of occasions, and the created development will  meet the increasing demand for high-quality new properties in the area.

“The proposed scheme will also provide in excess of £900,000 of contributions to the local vicinity and we will also be providing an area of land for the local cricket club which will have a direct benefit to the local community.

“In addition the homes will be built to harmonise with the architecture of the village and we will ensure sufficient transport links and drainage is constructed as part of the development.”