Raising awareness of diabetes risk

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A charity is organising a series of talks by health professionals to raise awareness of the risk of diabetes.

Stamford and District Lions is organising the event, which will be held on Friday, November 3, at Stamford Hospital in the meeting hall, as part of Lions International Diabetes Awareness Month and supported by Lakeside Healthcare and Diabetes UK.

During the event, which runs from 1pm to 4.30pm, there will be talks from diabetes specialist nurse Jo Broome, senior dietician Sarah Micklebugh and consultant diabetologist Dr J Roland, as well as other experts.

There will also be information on what support is available locally for those with the condition.

There will be opportunities to talk to those presenting to discuss your own particular issues and everyone - whether they have diabetes or not - is welcome to attend. The event is free and refreshments will be provided.

Stamford town councillor Harrish Bisnauthsing is backing the event and urged people to 

His son Teelesh suffered from type two diabetes and died last year, aged just 41, as a result of complications arising from the 

Harrish passionately believes more people should be aware of the risks posed by the condition, especially at a time when more and more people in the south Lincolnshire area are being diagnosed.

He said: “Diabetes is a lifelong condition - there is never a day off and more people are being diagnosed as pre-diabetic because people are not looking after themselves. How many times have we heard ‘I wish I’d looked after myself better before an operation?’

“Those are statistics we don’t want to hear and that is why I am supporting this event.

“If we can stop more people from being diagnosed with this condition, that can only be a good 

Next Friday, on October 27, there will also be a market stall on Stamford Market with information on both the condition and the