Relatives of war heroes can attend memorial dedication

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The relatives of those honoured on a war memorial are being invited to a rededication ceremony.

The Williamson Cliff memorial was salvaged from the former brickworks office in Casterton Road, Stamford, and was badly damaged when the office was demolished.

It is being put back together again and will be mounted on a new surround at Stamford Cemetery in Casterton Road.

The surround, which was built by construction students from New College Stamford, is already in place and the restoration work is expected to be completed by the beginning of February.

Stamford Town Council, which is coordinating the restoration work, hopes to hold a rededication ceremony and is asking the families of those listed or their families if they would like to attend.

Anyone interested in attending or who wants to find out more should contact town councillor Max Sawyer by calling 01780 765507 or e-mailing

Those named on the memorial are: J Audas, H Clapton, J M Jackson, H G Burgess, H E Green, H Winterton, L Bateman, W L Jackson, T O Russell, W E Butler, C L Licence, D Savage, F E Bryan, C L Matthews, R Smith, A R Clapton, S Middleton, O A Smith, C J Footitt, P Moss, F Snasdell, A D Gibson, F Mountain, G K Standley, S G Glenn, B Popple, G Titman, E L Glenn, G Parker, W Town, R Glenn, A F Roffe, A H Tyler, P Graham, T D Ross, R White, F Hardy, F Rudkin, A Whittaker, T Holdsworth and T E Wright.