Residents’ anger over road resurfacing

Pethley Lane in Pointon after it was resurfaced
Pethley Lane in Pointon after it was resurfaced
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Angry residents have written to Lincolnshire County Council complaining that thousands of pounds have been spent resurfacing a barely-used road.

Corinne Ramm, 55, of Brittains Lane, Pointon, has written to the council asking why Pethley Lane, which leads to a farm, has been resurfaced at a cost of about £40,000.

Mrs Ramm says the money would have been better spent filling in potholes in the village on roads more heavily used.

She said: “We are paying all this tax and it is just being wasted.

“This road leads to nowhere, it is just a dead end which is only used by one farmer.

“This is not just a top dressing of tarmac chippings but a substantial, 500m run of 3in thick, full width coating of quality finish tarmac costing tens of thousands of pounds, leaving no money in the kitty for potholes or grass cutting, and other services in ours or anyone else’s village.

“If this is not a waste of money what is?”

Before it was resurfaced in May Pethley Lane had potholes in and grass growing down the middle.

Lincolnshire County Council area highways manager Kevin Brumfield said: “The condition of the road had deteriorated over time and we had received a number of complaints from local residents.

“It was more cost effective to resurface a section of the road rather than regularly returning to the site to carry out ad hoc repairs.”

The county council said it has a responsibility to keep all its roads in working and safe condition no matter how little use they receive.

Work of this scale does not require approval by an elected body.

Council officers have authority to identify and authorise work of this value.

The councils scheme of delegation authorises area managers such as Mr Brumfield to incur expenditure on highway maintenance or improvement schemes up to a value of £100,000.

Pointon and Sempringham Parish Council is also writing to the county council to find out more information about the resurfacing work following complaints at a surgery session and at June’s council meeting.

Parish Councillor Warren Gent said the parish council was doing its duty and representing the concerns of a number of villagers who had complained about the allocation of