Residents in Edmonton Way set to raise parking problems at meeting

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Residents in Oakham are set to meet to discuss how Rutland County Council could tackle traffic congestion problems on their roads.

People living in Edmonton Way and the surrounding roads will gather at Energie Fitness for Women in Long Row, Oakham, at 7.30pm tomorrow (Tuesday).

The meeting is being led by Guy Meade, who says he wants to make the council aware of the problems that will be caused by the introduction of a single yellow line along Stamford Road.

He said the council is right to enforce parking restrictions in Stamford Road but believes Edmonton Way will suffer from the overspill of motorists that will look to park elsewhere.

Guy said: “We have enough cars parking down here already and the problem will get worse when Stamford Road is restricted.

“It can be very dangerous with cars parking so close to junctions and the road is really narrow so the emergency services may be blocked off at busy times.

“We feel like we haven’t been taken into account and we want to make the council aware of the problems.”

Guy said many residents had already contacted the council over the issue.